1- Sourcing activities
  Sourcing of:
- Different product groups
- New productions areas and regions in Turkey
- Reliable suppliers in terms of quality, delivery and desing development.

2- Merchandise and product development
3- CM and CMT business
4- Order follow up

- Prices
- Quantities
- Quality requirements
- Production plan
- Delivery and lead time monitoring with production reports to the customers
5- Quality Assurance

- Testing of fabrics, merchandise and accessories in house and / or in approval laboratories.
- Quality approval for production (approval of measurements, size sets, passform etc.)
- Inline and final inspections
- Vendor audits
6- Design

- Working with most creative Vendors
- Own office design team and creative input.
7- Logistics

- Cooperation with the biggest freight forwarding company in Turkey, having international logistic organisation and efficient supply chain managment.